Performance Boat Club of Canada Spring Shakedown

Performance Boat Club Members Rally together in support of families displaced by Bobcaygeon Fire

Bobcaygeon, Ontario — May 8, 2024

The Performance Boat Club of Canada set to make way into the summer season with a spirited Spring Shakedown event hosted at the picturesque Birch Point Marina by gracious Hosts Jeff and Kim Devolin. As the sun graced the waters, our club embarked on a mission: to shake things up, welcome new members, and ignite fresh ideas that would propel our runs to new heights.

Fresh Perspectives and Boundless Dedication

Our Spring Shakedown wasn’t just about revving engines and skimming across the waves. It was an opportunity to listen—to absorb the insights of both seasoned veterans and enthusiastic newcomers. Their collective wisdom fueled our determination to elevate the 2024 season beyond anything we’ve achieved before. The drawing board awaits, and our team is ready to transform these ideas into exhilarating experiences on the water.

Sunshine, Friendship, and a Touch of Tragedy

As the weekend unfolded, we were blessed with clear skies, good food, and camaraderie that transcended the surface of the lake. But life has a way of reminding us of its fragility. Just a day before our arrival in Bobcaygeon, tragedy struck—an apartment building fire in Bobcaygeon that left 16 families homeless. They lost not only their physical shelter but also cherished memories and possessions. In moments like these, we pause to reflect on our own abundance and the power of community.

Generosity in Action

While our Spring Shakedown was initially planned as a fun run, devoid of any formal charity association, the heart of our club beat louder. Members rallied together, demonstrating unwavering compassion and generosity for giving back and helping others in a time of need. Their collective efforts raised an astounding $16,000.00 to aid those affected by the fire. It’s a testament to the spirit of our boat runs: not just about horsepower and speed, but about extending a helping hand when it matters most.

A Spectacular Weekend on the Water

The Performance Boat Club of Canada isn’t just about boats—it’s about weaving threads of goodwill into the fabric of our community. As the sun danced on the waves, we celebrated resilience, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit. Our Spring Shakedown may have started as a boat run, but it ended as a beacon of hope for those rebuilding their lives.

Let’s sail on, together.
Captain Carl McBride